The unconventional solution

Every decade an innovation comes along that completely changes the way we view the world





How else would you describe your customers?

C'mon, you know you're thinking it.

They strut into store like they own the joint. A belly full of smashed avo. Brain packed with product info from last night's research binge. Smartphone in hand.

Let's pause for a moment.

Ask yourself...Would it be unreasonable to feel a little angry?

...a little out of control?

...powerless to do something?

Maybe your guilty conscience is raising a little red flag. You're reminded your business is not everything it could be. Maybe you know that if your customers do a little bit of internet digging they'll get a whiff of a deal that's just too good to resist.

Sounds like a nightmare!

But what if there was a way you could have it all...and so could your customers?

Your customers could do their smartphone research, but wouldn't leave without a purchase.




Retailers would have a fighting chance. Brands would be re-energised.

Staff wouldn't lose their jobs. Stores wouldn't close.

There is a way.


The "Controlled Showroom".

The Controlled Showroom is a framework created that provides customers a means of receiving all the information they need, while in store, to make an educated decision faster than they ever could do on their own.

All your customer does is tap their smartphone to the product display.

No effort. No App. No worries.

Control what the customer sees. Provide what the customer needs. Data from customer activity...received.

The secret is all in a tiny electronic sticker called a "digitag". A tiny sticker that opens a gateway to unlimited product content. Affix the "digitag" behind in-store signage and control the message your customers see.

Product info. Customer reviews. Price comparisons. You name it!

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