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Q. What technology is used?

A. NFC (Near Field Communication). It's the same close proximity technology use for Apple Pay

Q. What Return on Investment should I see?

A. The use of this technology in retail is still very new. However, amongst some international brands it's been reported that sales have increased by 27% as a result of using NFC in-store.

Q. How much does it cost?


A. As every project is different we don't have a one price fits all. You can invest in a single programmed electronic sticker all the way up to an end to end solution (including point of sale displays, web landing pages, and tailored reports).

Q. What does Tap Media need from me?

A. All Tap Media needs is a list of your URLs by product, by store and we take it from there.

Q. So...No App, how does that work?

A. NFC technology is embedded in all major smartphones. As of 2019 NFC became native across the board (i.e. no need for an App). This includes majors like Samsung, Huawei, and iPhone.