About Us

We're driven by a need to significantly reduce the customer effort in the purchase cycle

'The various causes of ease or strain have interchangeable effects. When you are in a state of cognitive ease, you are probably in a good mood, like what you see, believe what you hear, trust your intuitions, and feel that the current situation is comfortably familiar.

When you feel strained you are more likely to be vigilant and suspicious, invest more effort in what you are doing, feel less comfortable, and make fewer errors, but you also are less intuitive and less creative than usual.'


Daniel Kahneman

Author of  The International Best Seller

'Thinking Fast and Slow'

Winner of the Nobel Prize

This quote is extremely  important to the team at Tap Media. It effectively sums up the driving reason Tap Media exists. We are here to reduce the strain customers feel during the shopping process. Time pressured, confused, overwhelmed.

Let's explain it another way:

Imagine waking up one morning, you look out the window to a wall of heavy fog. You know it's going to mean a slower trip to work so you rush to get ready. You get in your car, reverse out of your driveway, and find it difficult to see more than 6 feet in front of you. You drive slowly, trying to avoid an accident, but your palms become sweaty, and your jaw is clenched. You're running late for a presentation you're giving...it's a big deal...a "you're screwed if you don't arrive on time" kind of big deal. You're stressed...beyond stressed...


You see a faint white glow in the fog. The glow gets brighter, bigger, and turns a yellow hue. The fog begins to lift so you can finally see the road ahead. You pick up speed, making all the green lights, arrive at work just in time. Your presentation is a hit! Your future looks brighter than it did only an hour before.

So who is Tap Media?

Tap Media is the sun.